Dr. Martine Cerutti

Dr. Martine Cérutti, Head of the CNRS unit «Baculoviruses and Therapy» laboratory. She is a specialist in production of recombinant antibodies or proteins for therapeutic use and has made major contributions in the development of drug discovery and immunotherapy. Dr. Cérutti’s group is part of several French research consortia: (i) the CNRS Research Group (Groupe de Recherche; GDR) «Antibodies and therapeutic targeting» that associates many academic and private-sector laboratories specialized in the discovery and production of therapeutic antibodies; (ii) the «MabImprove» Laboratory of Excellence project (Laboratoire d’excellence; LabEx) that brings together several academic laboratories, physicians and researchers for the discovery and optimization of therapeutic antibodies; and finally She has co-authored 98 peer-reviewed scientific publications and he was named in many patent applications covering the production of antibodies in baculovirus.