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VHH generation

Package contents

Phase I – Immunization 
You have the choice between Dromedary and Lama. The dromedary provides more sequence variability and better stability.

Standard immunization (day 1/21/42/63/73) or Rapid immunization (day 1/7/14/21/28).

This step is done in collaboration with our partner Dromelys ( for more information www.dromelys.com)

Phase II – Lymphocyte isolation, cDNA preparation, Amplification and phage library
cDNA is generated via RNA isolation, amplified via PCR, and a diverse phage library is generated for screening against the antigen.

Phase III – Antibody Screening
The phage library will be screened against the desired antigen and ideally 6 potential clones will be identified and evaluated. Our antibody fragments can be available for sale in small amount.

Phase IV – Production
We express the final antibody in a protein expression system. The desired quantity of antibody is produced and purified.


  • We only charge a fee in case of success.
  • In the case of unit non-response, we will re-inject the antigen (no additional charges).
  • You are the only owner of intellectual property