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Animal welfareVHH against water pollutants
In collaboration with Dromelys stud, every thought has been given to the care, breeding, and proper management of the farm’s animals – from the design of the magnificent stables, the care and comfort of its animals residents, to the expertise of a highly dedicated professional staff. The steadfast commitment required to develop a serious breeding program. The result is a collection of animals with astonishing quality and a breeding program filled with exciting possibilities.

Vision, foresight and a passion to preserve and perpetuate animals farming culture. The exciting breeding project concentrates on the very best and most successful proven bloodlines. We insist on producing dromelons and foals with faultless conformation, beautiful heads, extended jowl, a perfect topline and of course extremely marketable. Animals is also a quality that takes high priority in the breeding decisions. We do a pretty good job of producing top class endurance dromelons and foals, and competing in long distance racing. The farm has many facilities, including a veterinary laboratory, a horse-walker, treadmill. It is designed to give optimum conditions for young animals in training.
The Laboratory of Environmental Engineering Industrial (LGEI) and its project « a reliable bio-detection tool for emerging pollutants », winners of the « action for water resources » prize of Suez Environnement. This project, in collaboration with the start-up Caminnov , aims to develop, by 2018 and for an affordable cost, an easily transportable tool detecting in just a few minutes in the water two pollutants harmful to the environment and ecosystems: glyphosate and its degradation product AMPA. Existing analytical methods are hampered by the detection of these very small molecules that are very soluble in water.