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Caminnov is a biotechnoligical company dedicated to creating new tools and drugs. For detection or therapeutic interest, our research team develop single domain antibodies in two distinct domains: the environment and health. Many VHHs are currently in development and patents have been submitted.


Caminnov specialized in the development of the single domain antibodies against small molecules (peptides, chemical molecules, toxins).We have developed VHHs against chemicals molecules present in the environment . Molecules : KEPONE AMPA TOXINS

Health :

Caminnov has developed many VHHs in the field of inflammation (Interleukins…) and receptors (LDL receptor, Transferrin receptor, GPCRs….). The Company has experience in the development of VHHs in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, including inflammation, immuno-oncology and oncology.
P2X4 (6 VHHs)
LGI protein (8 VHHs)
CAV protein 
GPCRs receptors 
Others proteins

Caminnov has developed a hybrid business model based on two types of growth:  

1.External collaboration The Company has developped a platform, competences and expertise in various R&D areas and has  set up well-structured and equipped technological platforms. Caminnov mission is to make its highly innovative platform technology available to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology partners.

2. Internal development
Caminnov is building a pipeline of phage libraries and VHHs for internal development against GPCRs, Inflammation molecules. Interested in partnering with Caminnov ? please contact us