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Cam-phv HIS-HA

Cam-phv is a phagemid vector designed for phage display on the N-terminal side of the protein III of the filamentous  M13. This vector contains a PelB leader sequence for expression in the periplasm, a NotI and PstI cloning site to introduce antibody fragment, a HIS tag for purification, a HA tag for detection and an amber codon located before the full-length copy of the gene III sequence. Expression of the fusion is under the control of a lac promoter.

General Characteristics:

Promoter:lac promoter
Leader Peptide:PelB
Cloning Site: NotI and PstI
Purification and detection: HIS tag and HA tag
Fusion Protein:full length gene III protein and conditional Amber stop codon
Selection: ampicillin
Replication: oriF1, pMB1